For 25 years I have been working on creating images and telling stories to turn what is invisible and secret into something visible and shared.


I have travelled from the analog world, based on tapes, to today's digital, tapeless environment with cloud-based work structures.


Throughout that journey I acquired the know-how and the necessary equipment to be able to have the best narrative and technological tools of visual expression.


I enjoy developing my own projects and working with those who place their trust in me to make their visual ideas a reality.


The journey through images and their stories continues, with new challenges and possibilities; moving endlessly, every day resembling but setting itself apart from the beginnings of my work as a filmmaker and a storyteller.





Sony Cine Alta F3 S35 w/ S-Log RGB 444 + 3ality titanium armor

Sony A7s w/ Movcam cage + XLR K1M audio module




Schneider Xenon T*2.1  PL (35, 50, 75)




Nikkor Zoom 28-70mm T* 2,8

Canon 70-200 f/2,8

Canon 100 mm macro f/ 2.8

Rokinon cine 85mm f/1.5
Takumar 50mm f/1.4

Samyang cine 35mm f/1.5




Pix240 VideoDevices SDI / HDMI external recorder




Kit 3 Led Bi-Color F&V Z400S

2 Mini dinkys Led




Shotgun Sennheiser ME67

Kit Sony wireless mics

Zeppelins + Pistol Grips + dead cats Rycote

Tascam DR100 Mark II

Tascam DR-22L




ProLock Optitek FZ / Nikon adapter

Commlite EF / E mount

Metabones Nikon / E mount

Denz PL / E mount

Miller tripod carbon fiber

ARRI MMB 1 mattebox

ARRI MFF 1 follow focus

Schneider IRND 4x5.65"

Schneider TruePola 4x5.65"

Rods Element Technica / Zacuto / SolidCamera

Handgrips titanium O ́Grips OConnor

Wooden Handgrips Movigrip

Pelican + Think Tank roller cases




"Amateurs" 2014

Winner Documentaries Series 4 chapters / TDA Television Digital Abierta 2014.


"Beauties" 2013

Winner Short Documentary Espacio Santafesino, Santa Fe, Argentina.


"The Behaders" 2012

Winner Digital Documentaries INCAA (National Cinema Institute).

Winner Espacio Santafesino Work in progress, Santa Fe, Argentina.


"Alexander Panizza, Just Piano" 2012

Winner Best Cinematography, Latin American Video Festival, Rosario, 2011.


"The Horse Whisperer" 2011

Winner Short Documentary TDA Television Digital Abierta / 2011.


"Behind the Yellow Line" 2008

Winner Postproduction Espacio Santafesino 2008, Santa Fe, Argentina.


Lost and Found 2000

First Prize Buenos Aires Video XIII, ICI-AECI, Buenos Aires. Argentina.


"The Animals" 1997

Honourable Mention by the Jury in the III Ethnographic and Documentary Film Festival, Belo Horizonte, Brazil.


"Uses of Torture" 1995

Best National Video / International Festival of Video and Electronic Arts, Buenos Aires, Argentina.


"Transatlantic" 1995

Prix de la Ville de Clermont-Ferrand, France.

Prix de la DRAC Auvergne, X Videoformes, Clermont-Ferrand, France.


"Bed" 1996

Special Mention by the Jury Video BA’95, Buenos Aires. Argentina.


"There.Themselves" 1994

Special Mention by the Jury. National Secretary of the Woman, Buenos Aires, Argentina.


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